Biodynamic & Organic Cut Flower Farm & CSA

We offer beautiful, unique cut flowers from June thru October. Our flowers are cultivated with deep love and care for the ecosystems in which they grow.  Starting from little seedlings, our flowers are cared for on a specialized astrological schedule and are also fed with a variety of our house made biodynamic preparations and compost teas. These practices enhance the life and vibrancy of our blooms while inviting pollinators, and all life to thrive around them.

2020 CSA Bouquet Choices

The Wild Bloom: Amazing centerpieces! The colors and textures can be seen from across the space!  $35 per bouquet or $686 for the season 


The Sweet and Simple: Gorgeous blooms to place in almost any space! Perfect for date nights and special gifts to loved ones.  $25 per bouquet or $490 for the season


The Splash: Petit bouquets that are wonderful for desks, end tables, and places that just need a little extra splash of color and texture. $10 per bouquet or $196 for the season


The Flower Essence: Our medicinal bouquet to honor the medicine that our plants gift to us through their energetic essences and scents. Lovely for meditation, yoga, and sacred spaces, gatherings and celebrations. (Special collaborations with our resident herbalist Mae Balizet) 

$30 per bouquet $535 for the season


Please note! We are more than happy to meet your needs for color palates, shapes and feels. When inquiring about the CSA feel free to specify what excites you in a bouquet!



Create Your Own Bouquet

Individually priced flowers hand chosen by you! 

Great for celebrations, gatherings or just because you like to make bouquets for you and your friends!  You can either have the bouquet made for you by us or you can take them home as is. 

Create Your Own Bouquet hours are during our normal farm stand hours (Friday and Saturday) or by special request. ​

Cut Flower CSA Pick-Up

CSA Pick up will be every Friday from 1-6pm, starting in mid to late June 2020. Pick-up location is at Benevolence-- come by the orchard and see what other treats we have at the farm stand each week!

Elements to Our Bouquets

Each Bouquet will contain these 5 magical elements: Vuluptous blooms, flowering branches or greenery, twirling vines, supportive beautiful blooms, and twinkling splashes of color and texture.

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