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Our purpose is to explore the world of herbal medicine and nutrition, integrating alternative agricultural practices through the lens of holistic or vitalistic herbalism; teaching our community how to support wellness through education and experience. 

We believe an education focused on holistic self-care is not only empowering people to be advocates for their health in a complex system of health-care, but also deepens one’s understanding of the interconnections between natural cycles, our overall well-being, and the well-being of the earth.

We value diversity, pluralistic thinking, authenticity, respect, and compassion for self and others.


Herbal Cooperative Goals
  • Health & Wellness— Integrating allopathic approaches with traditional wisdom practices to create a foundation for budding holistic/vitalist students of herbalism to explore.

    • Including focuses on energetics (plant and human), nutrition, and basic anatomy and physiology that relate to the health concerns being highlighted in each seasonal theme.

  • Earth-Medicine— Exploration of four different models (Biodynamics, Herbal Energetics, Geomancy and Permaculture) as a practice in land regeneration and harmonizing energetics for the well-being of the land. 

  • Herbs for the Season— Teachings following seasonal themes with the Earth’s cycles using the basic structure shown below:  

    • Learn botany basics; plant needs & gardening basics; herbal harvesting & processing tips and tricks; beginners experience in the basics of herbal formulations and medicine making 

    • Monographs available (hard copy and online PDF formats) for each herb we are introducing. 

    • Herbal Ally— To deepen each participants’ experience and relationship with the medicinal herbs, we are encouraging each person to choose an herbal ally to explore in-depth during their time in between cooperative meetings. Time will be given once a week for round-circle check-ins, where participants can share their insights and questions relating to their herbal ally explorations. 

2019 Schedule

We understand busy schedules. Our cooperative is family-friendly and set up so you can choose which days you'd like to join us.   


Start date: April 01, 2019                 End date: December 15, 2019 


  • Bi-Weekly Mondays, 5:30-7:30pm— Outdoor classroom & experiential work, and/or herbal harvest and processing. Check our home page for upcoming meeting dates or email us at benevolenceorchard@gmail.com to sign up for herbal cooperative meeting reminders.

  • After the end of October, our schedule will be adjusted to winter hours and activities will move indoors. We’ll likely drop down to one Saturday a month, move to afternoon hours, and end by 4pm.

    • Monthly monographs, herbal ally check-ins, theme discussions, medicine making, and herbal infusion tastings. 

Herbal Cooperative Membership

Seven Basic Principles of Cooperatives (used internationally) 

  1. Voluntary and open membership

  2. Democratic member control

  3. Member economic participation 

  4. Autonomy and independence

  5. Education, training and information

  6. Cooperation among cooperatives

  7. Concern for community


Cooperative membership is optional. Annual membership fee of $25.00 includes:

  • Monday outdoor classes 

  • 10% discount on herbal product purchases 

  • Of each herbal product produced, one share as a trade for regular Wednesday field days or Friday volunteer days

    • One share = one product (eg. 1oz tincture or 4oz salve) each time medicine is complete


  • Pay to attend Monday outdoor classroom or work-trade by volunteering on our Wednesday or Friday volunteer days. If money is the main factor keeping you from joining us, please let us know, we’re willing to work with you. 

    • Donation or $10 drop-in fee for Monday outdoor classroom attendance by non-members without work-trade 

  • Pay full price for herbal product purchases


To sign up for our Herbal Cooperative Membership or for questions, please contact Melissa Balizet at (303) 596-9164 or email at benevolenceorchard@gmail.com.

Outdoor Classroom Seasonal Themes

Our Cooperative teachings will flow through a series of themes, connecting the Earth’s cycles/seasons in our bio-region, the plants’ typical peak harvest times during each season and the most common health concerns experienced during those times. Each theme will be explored by incorporating all of our goals into a combination of outdoor class time and hands-on experience in the orchard.  

  • Spring: Shaking off winter’s stagnation

    • Liver, kidney, urinary and digestive wellness 

    • Early arrivals, who are our wild weed friends? Bitters and diuretics. Liver cleanse and spring tonics

    • Allergies (seasonal and food) 

    • Herbal Day Spa

  • Summer: Herbal and nutritional wellness to support intensive work and play

    • Hydration and cooling herbs to counter the summer’s heat

    • Herbs for children and family health

    • Reproductive and sexual health 

      • Limpias & take-home instructions for vaginal steams and penis soaks

    • Herbal first aid, and herbs for bone, muscle and tissue repair 

  • Autumn: Immune support for the changing of seasons

    • Cold and Flu support through herbs and nutrition

    • Immune and respiratory wellness

      • Sinus steams and kitchen spices

    • Local adaptogens— why bioregional is better

    • Endangered plant species exploited by the natural health industry and their thriving alternative counterparts

  • Winter: Dark nights, depression, stagnation, burn out and hibernation

    • Essential nutrition and herbal support during times of stress and sadness (stress, seasonal depression, scattered mental focus, trauma, PTSD)

      • Herbal foot baths and self-care practices

    • Understanding the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system and endocrine systems and their roles in our overall well-being 

    • Herbal and nutritional support for adrenal health

    • Cardiovascular support and the heart’s link to emotional and physical wellbeing

We are committed to producing the finest quality and most unique herbal medicines for not only your body, but also your heart and soul. Each batch is artfully hand made and infused with harmonizing Earth and Celestial energies from sacred power locations in Boulder, Colorado, providing enchanted herbal medicine with Colorado spirit. 


We believe place-based medicine starts with the food and medicinal herbs we grow and utilize for our health; the deeper medicine we receive from the land is the community we build in her embrace.


For a complete list of available products, contact Melissa.



For orders or an herbal consultation, please contact Melissa at benevolenceorchard@gmail.com.

Herbal Medicine

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