Community Resilience Response to Ungrounded Times

Join us for a moment, below the surface of the soil and away from the frenetic energy of our current time. The Earth knows best how to ground this intensity, how to process it, digest it and transform chaos into fertile soil. Tucked beneath the mulch and barely budding branches of our apple trees, the mycorrhizal networks whisper the quickening of spring.

At Benevolence, we come to work each day determined to make a difference. The land has taught us how to have patience, how to put trust into a seed, and how to have hope for a better tomorrow and future generations. We couldn’t be more proud than when thinking about the first and resounding heart-felt response from our crew regarding the pandemic; it was that we’ll take care of one another by setting our primary focus on growing food and medicine for our community. Living up to our name, our mentality is one of sharing, contributing goodwill and kindness to a world quickly getting overwhelmed with fear.

Permaculture was designed for these times, knowing the resiliency of any community or ecosystem relies on interconnected systems, which together build a matrix of regeneration. At a time where it is important to keep our physical distance, it is now more than ever where we must turn to each other for support in ways different than before, remembering we are connected. It is here where solutions can be found in the problem. We’ve made a commitment to this land and to you, our community, to continue our 2020 season in abundance, inspiration, and health. Because we know you care, we’d like to share what we're doing to create a safe and healthy experience for everyone on our farm: • Out in the fields and orchards, our small crew ensures your safety, as well as our own, by following the most current recommendations from the FDA and CDC to provide the safest produce and working conditions possible. This includes following the Food Industry’s Protocol in handling when an employee/customer tests positive for COVID-19, social distancing measures, disinfecting high-touch surfaces with approved sanitation liquids, frequent and thorough hand washing, the use of face masks while handling produce and herbal medicine, and utilizing safe harvest/post-harvest procedures minimizing potential risk to our customers. • Food is our medicine and we know nutrient- dense produce and herbal medicines are important in supporting a healthy immune system. Keep an eye out for our Farm Recipes Fridays and Sunrise Sundays on Instagram and Facebook where we’ll share our recipes and inspirational views of the farm with you to boost your physical and mental wellness using the abundance from our farm throughout this season. • Local food security is crucial, especially during this time. Please help support us by visiting our open-air Farm Stand and enjoy not only our delicious produce, but also a relaxing stroll outdoors. We’re proud to offer seasonal fruits and vegetables, medicinal herbs, cut flowers, occasional honey from our beehives and more! Click here to place orders online for pick-up during our farm stand hours.

We are here to serve in strengthening our community’s resilience, not only through growing our food and medicine with regenerative practices, but also through offering inspiration, connectivity, and transformation. We’d like to teach through example ways to live in the Earth instead of on it, reconnecting our community to a larger whole.

Yours from the Orchard, The Benevolence Team

Boulder, Colorado

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