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Our mission is to create a diverse orchard and propagation nursery of locally adapted heritage varieties of fruits, medicinal herbs and flowers, using Organic, Permaculture and Biodynamic agricultural practices. Benevolence aims to invigorate our fruit growing capacity throughout Boulder County and to provide an educational curriculum covering a wide array of classes and workshops for the community, where we invite all to learn, contribute and engage. 

Winter Projects


Raptor Pole Installation


Voles can be a pretty big problem for our trees, especially during the winter. While vole food sources are abundant in the orchard, their preferences, unfortunately, are the tender roots and fine bark of our young fruit trees. At worst, they can nibble and chew all around the root-crown of the tree, "girdling" the base of the trunk and kill the tree. 


Raptors, such as Red-tailed Hawks and Great Horned Owls, are natural predators to voles and visit the property regularly. However, there are few choice perches for these raptors in the center of the orchard. To increase predator presence and encourage hunting, we've erected raptor poles as a permaculture solution. Vole snack, anyone? 

Tractor TLC & Worm Bin Building


There's no doubt, our tractors (lovingly known as Big and Little John) put in a fair share of work through the season. Wintertime is the perfect time for our tractors to go down to the barn for a little TLC with tune-ups, oil changes, joints greased and maybe even a bath.

Our other winter project is well underway with the building of a large wooden vermiculture hutch. Soon we'll be ready to house hundreds of red wigglers and have an abundance of their castings to brew into our compost tea! To read more about Red wiggler worms and Vermiculture, Click Here.

Get Involved

We invite volunteers to help us at the orchard. Beginners level of experience in farming or gardening is okay— we will teach you every step of the way.


By volunteering, you will trade your work in the orchard for an exceptional hands-on learning experience; you not only get the chance to learn from seasoned farmers, gardeners and local herbalists, you also get the benefit of access to farm fresh food, cut flowers and herbal medicine we’ll be growing this year. 

Permaculture & Biodynamics Explained


Permaculture, or “permanent agriculture,” is a model of design for a perennial and sustainable agricultural system created by Bill Mollison in 1978. The main focus is to create a living landscape in which ecosystem regeneration and the use of natural resources are balanced through utilizing on-site renewable resources to recycle waste, fertilize the soil and increase biodiversity. Click below to read more.


In 1924, Rudolf Steiner introduced his concept of “biological dynamic” agriculture practices. The “biological” practices include known organic growing techniques, along with a specific regime of field sprays and fermented composts, known as preparations, used to activate the soil and re-enliven its microbiome. 


Additionally, the purpose of these preparations are to influence the vital life force of the farm metaphysically through a “dynamic” interaction between the celestial and the earth. Tasks such as planting, weeding, harvesting and applications of field sprays are all set to a calendar correlated with celestial influences, such as the placement of the sun, moon and stellar constellations.

Upcoming Events

Fruit Tree Pruning Class

Saturday, February 15 from Noon-2pm.


Join our expert orchardist, Wesley Swartz, as he guides participants through proper fruit tree pruning techniques, giving tricks and tips on how to optimize the health and crop yield of local backyard fruit tree varieties. You'll leave the class inspired and confident with your new pruning skills. 

Register Now space is limited!

eTown Hall Sustainable Farming Panel


We're honored to be participating in a panel on sustainable farming through eTown Hall during their screening of, The Biggest Little Farm, on February 26, 7-9:15pm. 


Come support us all and participate in what we expect to be a lively discussion around sustainable food systems!

Herbal News

Winter is the season for medicine making! We are re-stocked with many of your favorites, as well as some new additions to our line:

  • Culinary Spice Blends- French, Italian, and Cajun Seasonings; Pork and Poultry Dry Rub Seasoning; and Savory Salt Seasoning for popcorn, vegetables or meat

  • Comfrey-Rose All-Purpose Cream

  • Improved Elderberry Syrup Concentrate, now with Echinacea

  • Local Turkey Tail Mushroom Triple Extract

  • Local variation of Carmelite Water 

  • Cardio Tonic Tincture


Contact Us to place an order!

Even though our Farm Stand is closed

for the season, our herbal medicine is

still available to purchase. Contact us

to arrange a time to visit our barn to

pick up your herbal needs. 


Farm Stand



~Closed for the Season~

See You in the Spring!

Fresh Cut Flowers, Herbal Medicine & Seasonal Produce located at our on-site farm stand from June-October.