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Our mission is to create a diverse orchard and propagation nursery of locally adapted heritage varieties of fruits, medicinal herbs and flowers, using Organic, Permaculture and Biodynamic agricultural practices. Benevolence aims to invigorate our fruit growing capacity throughout Boulder County and to provide an educational curriculum covering a wide array of classes and workshops for the community, where we invite all to learn, contribute and engage. 

Farm Stand

Fresh Cut Flowers & Seasonal Produce located at our on-site farm stand from June-October.


Regular hours: Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm.


Saturday & Sunday: If you're in the neighborhood and you see our Farm Stand roadsign up, feel free to come in! 


Available this week:


Peaches, watermelon, cantaloupe, garlic, Anaheim peppers, jalapeños, lunchbox and bell peppers, eggplant, arugula, baby salad greens, a variety of summer squash, basil, kale, potatoes, husk cherries, sun gold cherry tomatoes, okra, beets, cut flowers, and herbal formulations. 


Coming soon: Winter Squash and Pumpkins!

Get Involved

We invite volunteers to help us at the orchard. Beginners level of experience in farming or gardening is okay— we will teach you every step of the way.


By volunteering, you will trade your work in the orchard for an exceptional hands-on learning experience; you not only get the chance to learn from seasoned farmers, gardeners and local herbalists, you also get the benefit of access to farm fresh food, cut flowers and herbal medicine we’ll be growing this year. 

Herbal Cooperative Monday Evening Schedule

Our Herbal Cooperative meets bi-weekly on Monday evenings, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Drop-ins welcome! Non-members suggested donation $10/class.


September 23- Elderberry Syrup and Double-Infused Fire Cider


October 07- Herbal Smoke Blends & Respiratory Health


October 21- Herbal Tea Blend Formulations & Autumn Wellness



Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

eTown Hall Sustainable Farming Panel


We're honored to be participating in a panel on sustainable farming through eTown Hall during their screening of, The Biggest Little Farm, on February 26, 7-9:15pm. 


Come support us all and participate in what we expect to be a lively discussion around sustainable food systems!

Permaculture & Biodynamics Explained


Permaculture, or “permanent agriculture,” is a model of design for a perennial and sustainable agricultural system created by Bill Mollison in 1978. The main focus is to create a living landscape in which ecosystem regeneration and the use of natural resources are balanced through utilizing on-site renewable resources to recycle waste, fertilize the soil and increase biodiversity. Click below to read more.


In 1924, Rudolf Steiner introduced his concept of “biological dynamic” agriculture practices. The “biological” practices include known organic growing techniques, along with a specific regime of field sprays and fermented composts, known as preparations, used to activate the soil and re-enliven its microbiome. 


Additionally, the purpose of these preparations are to influence the vital life force of the farm metaphysically through a “dynamic” interaction between the celestial and the earth. Tasks such as planting, weeding, harvesting and applications of field sprays are all set to a calendar correlated with celestial influences, such as the placement of the sun, moon and stellar constellations.

Herbal Co-op News

Next meeting: September 23, 5:30pm-7:30pm. 

We'll be making Elderberry Syrup and double-infusing our latest batch of Fire Cider.


Latest Project

East Orchard Installation


We've been hard at work installing irrigation to our entire eastern slope of the orchard. The East Orchard is our newest installation which will include a variety of apples, peaches, and berries.