Farm Stand Winter Hours for 2020/21

First, we would like to take the time to thank you all for your support! We couldn't be who we are and share the joy food and medicine has the potential to bring without having a community to support us. 


Second, our Farm Stand will be closed this weekend-- we're giving everything(one) a much needed rest as we transition into our winter hours. However, we do plan to open up our online sales a handful of times this winter in order to safely provide you access to various products, much like a winter market. Rest assured, more details will be emailed as soon as we have them. If you would like to sign up for our email, click here.


With deep and heartfelt gratitude, best wishes from our family to yours!



The Benevolence Crew

Welcome to the Benevolence Community!


Our mission is to create a diverse orchard and propagation nursery of locally adapted heritage varieties of fruits, medicinal herbs and flowers, using Organic, Permaculture and Biodynamic agricultural practices. Benevolence aims to invigorate our fruit growing capacity throughout Boulder County and to provide an educational curriculum covering a wide array of classes and workshops for the community, where we invite all to learn, contribute and engage. 

Each week we stock our stand with many favorites from the farm: from seasonal produce, jam, fermented and pickled goods, to honey, medicinal herbs, culinary spices and bath blends. You can sign up here to receive weekly email updates which include our harvest list and a featured recipe from the farm. 

Come stop by during our Farm Stand hours, we're looking forward to meeting you! 


Get Involved

We invite volunteers to help us at the orchard. Beginners level of experience in farming or gardening is okay— we will teach you every step of the way.


By volunteering, you will trade your work in the orchard for an exceptional hands-on learning experience; you not only get the chance to learn from seasoned farmers, gardeners and local herbalists, you also get the benefit of access to farm fresh food, cut flowers and herbal medicine we’ll be growing this year. 

Permaculture & Biodynamics Explained


Permaculture, or “permanent agriculture,” is a model of design for a perennial and sustainable agricultural system created by Bill Mollison in 1978. The main focus is to create a living landscape in which ecosystem regeneration and the use of natural resources are balanced through utilizing on-site renewable resources to recycle waste, fertilize the soil and increase biodiversity. Click below to read more.


In 1924, Rudolf Steiner introduced his concept of “biological dynamic” agriculture practices. The “biological” practices include known organic growing techniques, along with a specific regime of field sprays and fermented composts, known as preparations, used to activate the soil and re-enliven its microbiome. 


Additionally, the purpose of these preparations are to influence the vital life force of the farm metaphysically through a “dynamic” interaction between the celestial and the earth. Tasks such as planting, weeding, harvesting and applications of field sprays are all set to a calendar correlated with celestial influences, such as the placement of the sun, moon and stellar constellations.

Herbal Medicine

We are committed to producing the finest quality and most unique herbal medicines for not only your body, but also your heart and soul.


Each small batch is artfully hand made and infused with harmonizing Earth and Celestial energies from sacred power locations on the farm, providing enchanted herbal medicine with Colorado spirit. 


We believe place-based medicine is our birthright and starts with the food and medicinal herbs we grow and utilize for our health; the deeper medicine we receive from the land is the community we build in her embrace.

Contact us For a complete list of available products, or to place an order.

Community Resilience During Ungrounded Times


At Benevolence, we come to work each day determined to make a difference. The land has taught us how to have patience, how to put trust into a seed, and how to have hope for a better tomorrow and future generations.

Permaculture was designed for these times, knowing the resiliency of any community or ecosystem relies on interconnected systems, which together build a  

matrix of regeneration. At a time where it is important to keep our physical distance, it is now more than ever where we must turn to each other for support in ways different than before, remembering we are connected. It is here where solutions can be found in the problem.

We’ve made a commitment to this land and to you, our community, to continue our 2020 season in abundance, inspiration, and health. Because we know you care, we’d like to share what we're doing to create a safe and healthy experience for everyone on our farm. Click here to read our newsletter for more information.

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